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Wedgy Activity Centre Pink/Grey

The Ancol Acticat Wedgy is a wonderful hideout and activity centre for your cat that fits neatly into the corner of a room. The Wedgy is covered in super soft plush for your cat to rub, scent and nap on. The Wedgy activity centre allows your cat to retreat and relax in an enclosed space. There are  hidden toys on the inside of the Wedgy for play. Hanging sisal balls perfect for batting and clawing dangle for your cat's amusement and exercise. The top platform can be used as a nap area or lookout by curious cats, meaning the Wedgy is the perfect place for both play and rest. 
The Ancol Acticat Wedgy is infused with catnip, the herb that cats find irresistible.
The Ancol Acticat Wedgy is available in two colour options to match a room's décor or your cat's personality. Choose from grey and pink or cream and chocolate. 
The Ancol Acticat Wedgy is 60cm at its widest part. 
 Warning: This item is not suitable for cats and kittens under 12 months.

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