Hide-Out Deluxe Scratch Post Choc/Cream: image

Hide-Out Deluxe Scratch Post Choc/Cream

The Ancol Acticat Hide-Out Deluxe is a wonderful hideout, scratch post and activity centre in one. The Hide-Out Deluxe has a cosy hidey-hole den that allows your cat to retreat and relax without disturbances. The top platform can be used as a nap area or lookout by curious cats and its post is covered in sisal rope to encourage scratching in a safe and specific spot. Each Hide-Out Deluxe has a hanging toy for your cat's amusement, meaning this activity centre is great for playing, scratching and sleeping. The Ancol Acticat Hide-Out Deluxe is infused with catnip, the herb cats love. The Ancol Acticat Hide-Out Deluxe is available in two colour options to match a room's d├ęcor or your cat's personality. Choose from grey and pink or chocolate and cream.

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Colour: Brown

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